at 9 am

While your kiddos are at UCity Kids, they will explore the many wonderful stories and heroes from the Bible through interactive classroom & large group activities pointing towards God's GREAT LOVE!

  • Our Kids

    We love our kiddos and that is why we have created a fun, interactive space just for them. With music, games, and Bible stories, kids learn truths about God every single week. We want kids to look forward to returning each week so the fun begins the moment you walk through our doors!

  • Our Parents

    Our computerized check in & check out system, security cameras and security team members increase classroom security and create a worry-free service for our parents in main service. Mothers with infants have the option of watching the service from our Mothers Lounge upstairs (leading to the balcony). 

  • Our safety

    We are committed to the safety and security of your child! All of our volunteers undergo a thorough background check before serving. We also use a secure check in system to make sure that kids are checked in and out by the correct person, and we require all children to be escorted to their classrooms and picked up after the service by an adult who has the claim tag. No child is released without a valid security claim tag. We also want to insure the health and safety of all our children and volunteers. Click here to see the our Health Safety Protocols.

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