Here at UCity Kids we hope to provide safe, fun, and easy ways for kids to learn and engage with our curriculum. We offer classrooms for birth though 5th grade. 

* Each classroom is updated with first aid kits, age appropriate toys, chairs and tables

for learning activities and media resources for music and curriculum.

  • Nursery

    We seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment for babies by providing them their basic needs from our caring volunteers. This is a safe place where parents feel secure leaving their babies so they can enjoy an uninterrupted church service. We introduce babies to biblical truths and God’s love using simple teaching methods and hands-on (sensory) activities.

  • Toddlers

    This room is colorful and fun! We continue to teach the 2-3 year olds basic Biblical knowledge through hands-on activities, crafts and start to integrate the Gospel Project curriculum into their lessons.

  • preschool

    A dynamic and exciting hour consisting of age appropriate activities, games, crafts, songs, and hands-on Bible lessons is provided in a fun, stimulating environment. This time is designed especially for our preschoolers from 4-5 years old


    FUN is how you describe this action-packed time consisting of activities, games, videos, singing and so much more!  Our K-2nd students and 3rd-5th students meet in separate classrooms before and after our large group time of worship and Bible learning.